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The Purge: Retribution (Chapter 2.5)
The Purge: Retribution

Chapter 2.5: The President's Plans

Washington D.C., The White House
Normal P.O.V
Frederick was in his office, writing new laws with an evil smirk on his face, until his assistant comes in.
Assistant: "Am I interrupting Mr. President?"
Frederick hides his plans from the assistant.
Frederick: "Oh! Not at all. Now, what is it, Miss Kimi Kamiya?"
Kimi: "Well, it's that I've been wondering what new laws you're going to make, and I want to see and hear them from you, Mr. President, sir."
Frederick: "Well, alright. Take a look, dear. I'm making new laws like, All Black People will be deported back to Africa, and all Mexicans will be deported back to Mexico. Like them, Miss Kamiya?"
Kimi was shocked to hear about the new laws.
Kimi: "But...Mr. President! W-Wouldn't that cause mass hysteria across the states? And what about the citizens standing up to you? Uh...sir?"
Frederick: "Well...Kimi. I'm planning
:iconthezootopiafanboy:TheZootopiaFanboy 3 23
Mature content
The Purge: Retribution (Chapter 2) :iconthezootopiafanboy:TheZootopiaFanboy 1 11
Mature content
The Purge: Retribution (Chapter 1) :iconthezootopiafanboy:TheZootopiaFanboy 1 22
The Purge: Retribution (Prologue)
The Purge: Retribution
Prologue: What The Purge is...
Fear...Death...Tragedy...Theft...Revenge......Murder... That's what I think The Purge is all about. One day each year, All crime, including Murder, has been made legal for 12 continous hours by Government Officials of America. The times for The Purge were 7PM, the beginning, and 7PM, the end. Moments during The Purge are horrible. Death happens right in FRONT of you. Mostly with your FAMILY. That's what happened with me.
I'm Cody Alderman, and my Purge experience and Survival Story.
But first, I want to tell you this. President Charlie Roan was assassinated by a regular Purger/Sniper, during the Election of 2044. Reason? Because she permenantly got rid of The Purge program from EVERY state of America. That got SO many Purgers outraged 4 years ago, they planned assassination attempts throughout the years for Charlie Roan. But they failed so many times. But this year, they've d
:iconthezootopiafanboy:TheZootopiaFanboy 3 0
The Purge: Retribution (Character Introductions.)
Main Protagonists
Cody Alderman
He is a white teenager who is raised by a rich black democratic family. His real parents was murdered during the Purge in 2040 when he was only 12 years old, while his younger brothers and sister were kidnapped and taken. After witnessing his parents's death, and sibling kidnapping, in front of him, he seeks revenge on those who messed with him and his family, no matter how long it will take. He's training to be a weapons expert. His best weapon to use is a self-shrinking and growing, powerful shotgun.
White skin, Black Spiky hair, Blue eyes, Black and White Gothic shirt, Yellow hoodie with zipper, Blue jeans, Black and White shoes (Air Jordans).
Age: 16.
Sex: Male.
Amy Peeko
She is one of Cody's best friends. She experienced the Purge once, after moving to Madison, Wisconsin from Toronto, Canada. She was scarred for life, after almost getting killed by Purgers when she was only 11 years old.
Black skin, Long, Braided
:iconthezootopiafanboy:TheZootopiaFanboy 3 22


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Alright. Sorry that I scared with you with my last post. I've changed my mind about RPing. Since things have gotten calmer at home, I've decided that I'll still do RPs. But I think ONLY when I feel like it. Don't worry about me. I'm OK, guys. :)
Hey guys...just feeling a bit depressed at the moment. My family just had a HUGE argument last night. I don't really remember what it was about, but I do remember what happened. It broke me, my sister and dad into tears. My transgender sister was the only one comforting me while it was going on. So...I'm gonna take an indefinite hiatus/break from RPs, just so I can get rid of my extreme stress and sadness...Sorry, but it's my decision. Hope you understand.


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